BJJ Gym Etiquette | Southside BJJ Gold Coast

Southside BJJ have a respectful BJJ Gym Etiquette. The gym is to honour respect, the culture, coaches, and other training partners of the gym.

Basic Gym Rules

  • Leave your Ego at the door. Train to improve, not to prove a point.
  • No Shoes or Thongs on the mats.
  • Greet the instructor before beginning the class. Particularly when arriving late.
  • Gi and training gear must be CLEAN/WASHED prior to training.
  • If possible, please shower before training.
  • Unsportsmanlike and offensive conduct towards training partners/coaches is grounds for termination of membership.
  • To help prevent cuts, Nails must be cut short.
  • Do not leave clothing, garbage or used bandages randomly around the facilities.
  • If you are sick or have a contagious skin condition, please stay off the mats. Training partners are permitted to refuse partnering with you in such hygiene circumstances.
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted inside of the gym nor are individuals that may be intoxicated. We reserve the right to remove individuals from entering the gym if found otherwise.

Required Equipment to bring to class:

For all beginners if you do not have equipment available please wear comfortable track pants or shorts (No pockets) with a comfortable t-shirt. Singlets are not allowed for grappling classes. Please call the team if you intend on coming in so that the instructors are made aware. Thank you.

  • BJJ Classs Gi, belt & a mouthguard (first timers can wear shorts or track pants & a t-shirt)