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Beginner class – Coming into a martial arts academy can be intimidating for the beginning student. Our goal with the beginners/fundamentals class is to allow our students to learn jiu-jitsu by focusing on the controlled drilling of techniques without active sparring. The class also serves as a foundation for all students of BJJ, teaching the principles of the art and committing the core movements to muscle memory.

Each time you train is an opportunity to improve yourself

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BJJ Beginner/Fundamentals classes are ideal for adult male and females that have just begun grappling.

These classes are catered in providing essential movement, submission and sweep techniques that have been utilized effectively in competition.

The 6-7pm class is also ideal for other students that may need to finish earlier in the evening for work and family commitments

One of the highest ranking kids BJJ Qld teams

Multiple Time Qld Team Champions

Awesome bunch of coaches in a family club. Friendly, welcoming and killer jiu jitsu

Jordan WilsonFather

Good gym for all levels since someone who never trained before to high level competitors... always sick techniques and hard training

Henry Novaes de CamposFather

Best BJJ club with top skill coaches and friendly environment. Highly recommended for all.

Max Po

Great experience amazing people and coaches make learning easy whilst still having that hard training feeling. Amazing gym

Dom Aston

Great professional and friendly environment where you can learn high quality Brazilian JiuJitsu .

Marcelo Salussolia
First Week Free*

Valid for new students only & not to be used with any other offers.