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Traditional No-gi Grappling Classes

No-Gi grappling is a form of competition martial arts that focuses on clinch and ground fighting.  Without the requirement of traditional kimono/gi , no-gi’s aim is similar of obtaining a submission using submission holds. In no-gi you cannot grab or hold your opponents clothing. Our no-gi Braziling Jiu Jitsu training methods follows the rules and regulations of competition IBJJF.

If training regularly grappling shorts and rash guard are required for our no-gi classes.

Ranking is similar to Jiu Jitsu in that Rash Guard colours reflect belt colours.

One of the highest ranking Qld BJJ teams

Multiple Time Qld Team Champions

Southside provides great coaching for all levels and a friendly welcoming environment perfect for beginners ?


They have & are the very Best in Black belt tutors who are always friendly & the whole environment is set from that the tone the Respect for each other is all Class.Southside Bjj is at a very high level which is & will benefit all walks of life.

Kevin Mulu Autagavaia

High level of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction, amazing Professor and family friendly environment.

Thiago Teixeira

friendly, welcoming, best coaches and great training! Can't get any better than this! osss

Fernando Vieira

Great team of Coaches, very welcoming and fun environment. Their kids program is fantastic, my son has been going for over 2 years, his confidence and ability has been amazing to see. Highly recommend place to learn and develop from white belt to black and beyond !!

Linzey Beister

We have been with Southside for 4 years and in that time we have 5 children and hubby training there. A great club with an amazing family environment. Dedicated coaches are highly skilled and experienced with a lot of passion and support for their students. A second place we call home.
Highly recommend.


Excellent instructors....and very patient with the younger students! They explain moves and manoeuvres in a way the students seem to follow.
A really great team and a fantastic atmosphere. My daughter loves this place!

Craig Platt

I've been training there around 4/5 yrs. We have the best coaches around, friendly team and hard training, perfect environment for adults and kids (boys and girls) learn self defence, get fit, make friends for life and for me the most important thing: get confident to face this crazy world.
Also important to mention: SouthSide Team it's not there to take your money,(like some gyms around) they there for the love of the sport, they love what they do!! so that's why the success of this team is inevitably!

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