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Vicente ‘VC’ Cavalcanti #IamHyperfly

Official Sponsorship video from DOorDIE Australia Vicente 'VC' Cavalcanti #IamHyperfly And finally, introducing the Captain of the Australian #HyperflyTeam, Black Belt Athlete Vicente 'VC' Cavalcanti from Southside Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 2015 Pan Pacific Black Belt Gold Medalist #IamHyperfly #ProudSponsors #TheGentleArt #YCTH #PanPacs2015 DOorDIE Posted by DOorDIE Australia on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Making Little Champions

Awesome weekend for our LITTLE SAMURAIS, we went to Sydney Cup with four kids and one adult , we came back home with 10 medals: Congratulations: Zayden – Double gold Harriet – Double gold Louie – Silver and bronze Jay – Silver and bronze Paul won Double gold. Awesome effort. We are so proud of you guys.