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QBJJC/Hyperfly Black Belt Invitational

Article Published: 29.08.2016

Today was one day to stay in our memories, see different clubs/team cheering for one team QUEENSLANDERS was definitely the best part of my day. I always like to say, medals and champions come and goes all the time, the friends we made in BJJ stay forever. #QLDBJJ ~

Vicente Cavalcanti
(Southside BJJ Head Coach)


European BJJ Championship

Article Published: 28.01.2016

Southside BJJ Coaches, Vicente Cavalcanti and Renato Cecílio Silva competing at the 2016 European BJJ Championships.

Qld State Championships 2015

Article Published: 07.07.2015

Congratulations to everyone who competed today win or loose we are proud of you all thank you to our coaches Vicente, Paul, Renato, Aleks, Des, Nakia, Richard all our supporters, parents, family and friends. Team Southside!!!

Kids division 3rd place All our Southside kids are amazing!!!!!

Male & Female division 2nd place Well done to all of you awesome work.

Big Osss to our head BJJ coach Vicente winning Gold in gi & our Head MMA coach Paul winning gold in no gi leading the way for our team winning 2nd in the male division.
Beast of the day congratulations to Lincoln first time competing and winning GOLD in all 4 divisions.

Osssss to our 6 girls who placed 2nd in the female division. Lead by our no 1 female mentor Cherie who has represented and competed for Southside since the beginning and winning at her last comp today.

Outstanding effort from all our kids the future of Southside team. An inspiration to us all. We have never been prouder having placed 3rd in the kids division for the first time at QLD State Championship. Every single one of you are always training hard, are motivated & stay committed.

Thank you to all the parents who’s support is unbelievable.