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A Friend Zerao in Brazil

By 04/12/2014December 22nd, 2020No Comments

I remember when I tried to convince Zerao to start training BJJ it was 11 years ago, he didnt have a gi and just used to do wrong things on the streets, after few months he decided to start, so I gave him a Gi and everydays I had to pick him up to go train with me. When I left Brazil to go to Australia he didnt stop train and then start to teaching aswell, today I had the pleasure to do a seminar at his school. You guys don’t have idea how proud Im to see how much he changed and also very happy to see a lot of old students/friends who still training, i will never forget you guys.


Everyone who participated of the seminar had to donated 1kg of food and it will be donate for a kid school in my town.

Thank you everyone for coming. OSSSS

~ Vicente


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