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Tips For Beginners: How to Do an Armbar From the Mount

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Learning how to apply the armbar from the mount will enable you to understand the basic mechanics and controls of one of BJJ’s most fundamental techniques.

In today’s article we provide you with a simple and easy to do step-by-step guide for applying this technique; teaching you the ins and outs of the position without having to rely excess hip movements or flexibility.


A Step-by-Step Guide for Applying the Armbar From the Mount





Step 1 – Begin in the mount position and secure a firm grip on your opponent’s elbow and collar on the side you have chosen to attack.





Step 2 – Apply pressure with your chest against the back of your opponent’s triceps, while slightly lifting their shoulder off the ground, to prevent them from freeing their arm as you switch your base to  the one pictured to the right.





Step 3 – Now that your chest is controlling the back of the arm you want to attack, reach across and control to your opponent’s other arm to limit their potential for movement and escape.




Step 4 – Pass your leg over your opponents head. If you stand to pass your leg over, you will be releasing the pressure on your opponent’s body and give them an opportunity to escape – you don’t want that!

To pass your leg over efficiently, lean towards your opponent’s legs. This will help you get the space you need to pass your leg over their head, while applying more pressure to their body. Hint: You know it is working when you hear them go “Hnnnggggggg!”



Step 5 – It is important that you do not fall to your back just yet as you still need to adjust your grips. Ensure you maintain pressure on your opponent’s body with your weight and gain a solid control of their arm.





Step 6 – Most likely, your opponent will grip their own arm to stop you from finishing the armbar. One way to break this grip is to post on the ground with the arm closest to your opponent’s head and hug their arm tightly with the other.






Step 7 – Pass your leg closest to your opponent’s hips over his arms and apply pressure to his forearms/wrists. Once you have done this you will be able to pull their arm back and towards their head to break their grip.




Final Tips for Finishing the Armbar From the Mount  

To finish the armbar you need to be aware of two key ideas:

  1. Your opponent’s thumb must be pointing towards the sky to place his elbow/arm in the correct alignment.
  2. The squeeze in your knees is what will create the ideal fulcrum for the lever, and, the pressure needed for the tap.


In other words…..



Wide knees = no good







Pinched knees = get the tap!







Want to Learn More Techniques Like This?

Jiu Jitsu is great for your health and extremely fun. However, it isn’t a one size fits all martial art and how well a technique works depends on how well you can adapt it to your body type as well as your opponent’s. To gain a deeper understanding of the art you should always train with a great team who will welcome you on the mats and be a positive influence on your journey towards your black belt.


Contact us today to find out more about our classes, coaches and curriculum. We would love to have you as part of the team.



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