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The Best After Class Stretches for BJJ

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It’s no secret that stretching after class is very important for improving flexibility, reducing the risk of injury and aiding recovery.


A good stretching routine is extremely beneficial, regardless of whether you’re new to training or you’re a veteran who’s as flexible as the Tin-Man from the Wizard of Oz.


Below you will find a very easy-to-perform after class stretching routine that will put you on the right path to a newer more flexible you…


…and the best part is, it’s so easy you can start it today!


Important points to consider before starting this stretching program


Work in a Flow. To get the most out of your stretching, the positions below should be performed in succession: one after the other; much like a yoga flow.


Don’t over do it. There are no medals awarded to those with the most flexible legs, so it is important you don’t try too hard too soon.


Just go till you feel some resistance, while still feeling comfortable.


Usually, the biggest problem comes from looking around the room to see what everyone else is doing. Seeing someone achieve an extreme stretch could ignite your ego and you might try and out do them, but this won’t get you anywhere and may end up injuring you in the long run.


If it helps, close your eyes when you stretch and focus solely on your own progress.


Remember to breathe. If you find yourself holding your breath, during a stretch, your body will tense up causing you to fail in benefiting from the stretching process.


Being able to breathe deeply and comfortably will allow your body to relax and help you get further in the stretch over time.


The Best After Training Stretching Program for BJJ 



First off, you should start this routine laying flat on your back, taking notice of any changes in your body since training: any tightness or soreness in any areas of the body. Begin by breathing deeply yet comfortably to set up the pace for the rest of the routine.




Pull your knees to your chest and support your lower back with your hands as you raise your legs in the air. As you achieve the inverted position, ensure you are supporting your weight on across your shoulders and your triceps, as seen in the image, so that no pressure is placed on your neck at all.




Slowly lower your knees towards your face so that they are now on each side of your face. Remember to support your weight on your shoulders and triceps, as seen in the image, to ensure your neck is safe, and only drop your knees as far as you feel comfortable.



Place one leg across the other so that you are in a modified triangle position. Place both hands on the outstretched leg and focus on your breathing in this position.








Maintaining the triangle position, bend the leg that was outstretched and place your palms together just under your knee, gently pulling it towards your chest.


Gently roll forward, taking a running man position with your legs. Gently lower your chest towards your front leg as you exhale.


Sit up now and bring your rear forward and curl it underneath you. Bring your top leg over your knee and place the soul of your foot on the floor. Pass your opposite arm over your top knee to achieve the twist. Remember to breathe deeply and maintain a nice tall posture in this position.




Extend on of your legs back behind you to move into a deep lunge, pushing your bent knee out to your side, flexing your glutes, as you feel the stretch in your hips.

Remember to breathe deeply.




Push your body up with your legs so that your rear knee is off the mat. If you find it difficult to maintain your balance, you can place your hands on the mat for added support.


Once you have finished the circuit, return to the first position and repeat on the other side.

For the best results, try to perform this routine 4 to 5 times per side after each and every class.


For more stretches and tips to improve your BJJ, make sure you come by and try out one of our classes.

We have classes dedicated for all levels from kids to adults and serious athletes to those who just want to stay fit and have fun doing it. 

Until next time,

See you on the mats!




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